Kernel.ORG FAQ

(ok, este post es 100% geek. You've been warned...)

A raíz de un post en un foro de Ubuntu, estuve curioseando un ranto en Y así me topé con las FAQ de este sitio, que nunca había leído. Las últimas dos, realmente están para enmarcarlas:


Hello, my name is Marigold Sandybanks of the TheShireCorp, and we'd
like to post job openings or other advertisements on your site. Would
something like this be possible?*

No, unless your newly forged ring of power actually works, in which
case you wouldn't need to ask for our help.

Seriously speaking, accepting advertising on is something we
might do in the future if necessary to keep the site going. At the
present time, we do not anticipate that that will ever happen.

Do you need a larger manhood? Chest?
Would you help us move large sums of money around?
Do you need a hot stock tip? A Rolex?

isn't there something illegal about that,
like a fish needs a bicycle,
and no.

I mean it amazes at least me how many people around the world ask us
these! In fact these are BY FAR the most frequently asked questions!
While we appreciate your enthusiasm to help us in our everyday lives the admin team has deemed it necessary to redirect all of these
offers to our faithful mail sorting program: /dev/null.

We are sorry for any inconvience that may cause to you.

"No, unless your newly forged ring of power actually works ..."

LOL! No se sorprendan si incorporo eso a mi lista de sinónimos para "ni en pedo!" o "ni a ganchazos!" and the like. :)


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